Maximize the performance of socially diverse teams.

Your organization is made up of individuals with various strengths who experience and interact with the world in diverse ways. We help teams leverage that diversity to radically increase performance through better collaboration and communication, creating a dynamic and inclusive culture.


We consider 3 core elements:

Physical space

Communal workspaces work for some employees and not for others. We perform environmental assessments to help teams consider their environments and increase productivity.

Communication style

Verbal and written communication underpin collaboration, and then, on top of that, over 50% of communication is nonverbal. We provide communication coaching to help teams make sure that messages are not lost in translation.


Social expectations

Not every exceptional employee is also a social butterfly, and hidden social rules cause tension and impact productivity. We offer social strategies for individuals and teams struggling with navigating the social landscape of the workplace. 

We offer trainings for teams:

     Half-day workshops:

  • "The Social Workplace" -- Exploring how unstated social expectations and practices impact teams
  • "Innovation through Inclusion" -- Why leveraging autistic and other neurodiverse talent is good for your business and how to ready your workforce

     Full-day engagements

  • Half-day trainings + tailored consultation to design plans for your individuals teams to collaborate more effectively

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