At Square Peg Labs, we see the strengths of individuals with autism and social differences and the importance of building inclusive environments where they can thrive.

By leveraging strengths, valuing difference, and transforming cultures,       we help square pegs keep their edge.

Lauren Hough Williams, founder of Square Peg Labs, is an autism specialist and education consultant who believes in strength-based supports and helping schools and companies understand and appreciate the talents of neurodiverse individuals.  She sees the value in differences in perspective and the power of listening to those who see the world differently.

Lauren works with businesses, schools, and families designing inclusive programs and environments and offering tailored training and supports. Lauren has edited and co-authored two books, The ASD Nest Model and  Everyday Classroom Strategies and Practices for Supporting Students with ASD, and has written several articles outlining educational supports for students with ASD and inclusion strategies for supporting employees on the spectrum.

Lauren has degree in Psychology from Cornell University, a Masters in Special Education from Hunter College, and advanced training in Applied Behavior Analysis. Lauren currently  works with the ASD Nest Support Project at New York University and is consulting with the The Jewish Community Center of Manhattan, the New York Transit Museum, and The Lang School

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